CommUNITY through Challah-Making

At the time of this blog post, more than 250 women gathered (Sunday, November 19th) in unity and connection for a shared experience that embraces the spirit of togetherness. The occasion? A communal challah-making event that not only celebrates the mitzvah of making challah but also the bonds within the community and a shared connection to Judaism. This communal challah-making event is not just about flour, water, and yeast; it is a celebration of community, sisterhood, and a shared commitment to preserving and enriching Jewish traditions.

The act of making challah can be symbolic in itself. The braiding of dough mirrors the interwoven connections between individuals, families, and the greater community. We will chat joyfully and laugh together and fill the room with warmth and acceptance, emphasizing the importance of shared experiences in fostering a sense of belonging when the world around us can feel threatening.

Challah making, with its deep roots in Jewish tradition, becomes a way through which we are able to celebrate our shared culture and connect with our Jewish heritage… reminding us of the generations who came before us who also participated in the ritual of making challah, passing down a legacy of community.

Tonight’s event was a sell-out, bringing more than 200 women together to experience the joy that comes from celebrating our connections to each other and to Judaism as a whole.