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Overnight Cultural Arts Trips

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In partnership with the National JCC Adult & Senior Alliance, the Pozez JCC offers an array of interesting, engaging, educational, sometimes delicious, and often, just plain fun cultural arts trips to enrich life. Guests may explore a new topic, connect with others, even discover a new passion. JCC members, non-members, those who live close or far, people of all backgrounds, faiths, ethnicities – all are welcome to join in the activities! See below for upcoming NJASA Cultural Arts Trips: Amazing Argentina, Extraordinary India, and Captivating Cuba.

Amazing Argentina: Buenos Aires & Beyond
Plus An Optional Extension: Exciting Iguazú
October 27-November 5, 2024
In partnership with the National JCC Adult & Senior Alliance
The dynamic, interesting and colorful city of Buenos Aires is often called “The Paris of the South” due to its architectural resemblance in certain districts and because it has been a popular destination among the sophisticated, the glamorous, and the daring. Join trip leader James Sokol on a multi-faceted, fascinating & delicious cultural journey to this bustling, unique South American capital city and beyond.

Take a deep dive into several facets of Argentinian culture. Stroll through diverse neighborhoods, each with its own singular ambiance. Visit important museums & sites to learn about the history, culture and art of the capital and the country. Be welcomed into a private home with a special empanada cooking class. Tastes a variety of Argentinian flavors from their renowned grilled specialties to their Italian-influenced ice cream and much more! Meet local artists in their private studios to see their works and learn about their inspirations. Embark on daytrips outside the city to enjoy time in the lush Tigre Delta as well as a day in the countryside.

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Extraordinary India: The Golden Triangle & Beyond
January 5-19 (or 26 with optional extension), 2025
Take a “once in a lifetime” 5-star journey to explore the arts & architecture, cuisine & crafts, history, religions & traditions in this mysterious, magnificent & magical country!

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For trip details & pricing, email James Sokol.

Captivating Cuba: Art, Music, Dance & More
March 8-(16), 2025
Discover “the Pearl of the Antilles!” Be inspired by Cuba’s soulful art, musical rhythms, and vibrant dance on this exciting trip with an itinerary offering a myriad of experiences, including a deep dive into Cuban culture–its arts, its food, its people and more! This popular, first-class trip is sure to sell out.

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