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Guided by Jewish values, the Pozez JCC will spark, foster, and build Jewish Connection, Community, and Peoplehood throughout Northern Virginia by creating outstanding opportunities for every individual to explore the boundless potential of Jewish life. Understanding that our community is widely scattered, we will meet people where they are both within and beyond the walls of the J.


To build Jewish Connection, Community, and Peoplehood through meaningful opportunities for every individual to explore the boundless potential of Jewish life.


The Pozez JCC has identified 10 Values to give more prominence to the intent that underlies all we do and to actively recognize that our community is ever changing, indeed scattered, and that Jews do not live in one area. The Values represent a growing list of immutable principles that guide us.

Pride: We are proud to be a Jewish organization and want to imbue that pride in all we do in Northern Virginia and our greater community.

Inclusion: We live in a diverse community which includes Jews who are religiously affiliated and not; who are young, old, single, parents, intermarried, LGBTQI+, who have had a Jewish connection or not. We seek to be inclusive, to welcome all, to extend our tent and reach out to even more people so that we can bring Jewish vibrancy, connection and community to all Jews in Northern Virginia.

Inviting & Embracing: We want to invite all to our community. We recognize that we are part of a diverse international community and that Northern Virginia is rich with people of many faiths, cultures and backgrounds.

Respect and Empathy: We will embrace all who share in our community with respect and empathy.

Excellence: We will pursue excellence in all we do. Through our board and our staff we will demonstrate exceptional standards of professionalism and compassion.

Partnership: As part of a greater community we will enhance connections and opportunities to partner, collaborate, and cooperate.

Israel: We will seek to build understanding and connection to the people, history, and future of Israel.

Tikkun Olam: At the heart of our Jewish community is Tikkun Olam (our responsibility to repair the world). We want to provide multiple ways in which we can sponsor and facilitate giving within our community, to the Greater Washington community, to global Jewry and, of course, to Israel.

Learning: We will continually expand our capacity to achieve our vision using new and expansive ideas, learning from others and from all we do. We seek to be nimble, to hear the diversity of interests in our community, and to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and understanding.

Honesty and Integrity: These are the foundation of our reputation and of the way we will conduct ourselves and do business at all times. We will deal fairly and with transparency, showing consistency among principles, values and behaviors while building trust through personal authenticity; and following through on our commitments.

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