September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: Meet Sawyer

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is here and we’re reaching out to ask for your help to support children like Sawyer.

Sawyer was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in February of 2020 when he was just 4 years old, and a month before COVID shut everything down.

Treatment, both inpatient and outpatient, was very isolating to ensure Sawyer’s safety. His family also often had to be isolated from friends and family to protect Sawyer.

Despite the painful journey cancer creates, Horizon Day Camp, in-hospital program Horizon on Wheels, and year-round reunion days provide a place where children with cancer can just be children.

While the days of undergoing treatment were challenging for a social kid like Sawyer, he and his brother Hudson found joyful experiences through our in-hospital Horizon on Wheels program and Horizon Day Camp.

Sawyer’s radiant smile is a testament to the hope and love found at Horizon.

“Horizon has been such an amazing experience for our family. It has given both Sawyer and Hudson the opportunity to make new friends, strengthen their bond with each other and the ability to try new activities and stretch themselves while building confidence.” – Jenna, mom to Sawyer and Hudson

After two years, Sawyer completed his treatment in June of 2022.

What Sawyer has enjoyed most about Horizon has been the activities – especially the sports, dancing, and arts and crafts. He also loves Color War and working hard for his team to bring them to victory. He loves the ability to swim on a regular basis and show off his skills!

Thank you for being part of our Horizon-Metro DC family and helping to bring the joys of childhood to the many children and families we serve.

Every day at Horizon is a new beginning. With your support, we ensure that children like Sawyer – and their families – wake up to brighter days filled with the magic of childhood.

On behalf of your Horizon-Metro DC team, and particularly brave campers like Sawyer, thank you for your kind and generous consideration.