Jewish Camping: Investing in the Next Generation

Jewish camp is fertile ground for nurturing future Jewish leaders; it is where the spark for Jewish community is ignited, and core life skills are instilled. Each summer plays a significant part of the Jewish journey of campers and staff. We need your help to ensure campers and counselors are inspired and engaged throughout every part of this vital journey.

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Reaching New Heights

The J is commissioning a ropes/challenge course that encourages leadership development, team-building skills, and helps to build self-confidence through planning and strategic thinking required to accomplish the tasks. The course will also keep Camp Achva competitive as a place where kids want to be, providing foundational experiences for the next generation. Thanks to the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, eligible gifts supporting the challenge course will be matched $1 for every $2 raised up to $25,000.

Camp makes Judaism fun.

A big draw for parents: Camp makes Judaism fun. Saying hamotzi over bread and singing Hebrew songs can happen on the nature trails, soccer field, or even around the fire pit. All the while, their kids are with old and new friends in a casual space, where shorts and sneakers are the norm.

Jewish Camp for Everyone

Jewish camp weaves Jewish values, culture, and traditions into the fabric of camp, helping campers to connect to their own identity and the larger Jewish community. At the J, camp is open to everyone. Spirited and dynamic staff members use experiential learning to reveal what makes Judaism unique in today’s world. At camp, Jewish and Israeli culture is celebrated through song, sports, food, art, and dance.

Support Jewish Camp

Your generosity enables Jewish children across Northern Virginia to experience transformative Jewish summers and go forth into the world guided by Jewish values with strengthened Jewish identities. Jewish summer camp is the enduring and irreplaceable connection and community that develops Jewish leadership in the world and ensures a Jewish future.

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