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Building Connections to Israel

The J has a unique ability and responsibility to create real and meaningful connections to Israel for our members and for the larger community. Israel stands as a cornerstone of Jewish identity, serving as a beacon of heritage, resilience, and shared history for Jews around the world. Within the framework of the J, Israel is not just a distant place; it is an intrinsic component of our collective identity, symbolizing the rich tapestry of Jewish heritage that enriches our community.


People to People

The J is committed to creating vibrant and engaged Jewish community, and fostering a connection to Israel is an important piece of that work. We do this by creating environments that explore the richness of Israeli society and by creating personal and meaningful people-to-people connections through shlichim, Israeli camp staff.


Our Community Shaliach

As we celebrate its rich history, traditions, and deep dimension, we are thrilled to work with our Community Shaliach, who helps us explore and discover what makes Israel so special! Our Shaliach helps to reach deeper within our community to educate and increase awareness, knowledge, and pride about Israel’s history, culture, and current events, and to promote a better understanding of Israel and its ideals.


Embracing Israel Together

The J's commitment to nurturing connections to Israel reflects our dedication to upholding the values of inclusivity, cultural enrichment, and collective identity that lie at the heart of our organization. By embracing Israel as an integral part of our identity and celebrating its myriad contributions to Jewish life, we endeavor to cultivate a sense of belonging and connection that resonates deeply within our community and beyond.

Help bring a piece of Israel to Northern Virginia

The Shiri Rahamim Shlichut Program is funded by generous individuals in our community and partially funded by a grant from The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington. To learn how you can support this valuable community resource, contact Michelle Pearlstein or 703.537.3033.

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