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Aquatics Center

Swim Year-Round

Indoor Swimming PoolOur heated, six-lane indoor 25-meter swimming pool has a graduated depth from 3.5’ to 8’. A permanent access ramp provides 0’ to 3.5’ depth access for use by individuals in wheelchairs, small children, and others with special needs. The pool temperature varies between 83 and 85 degrees.  In the locker room, there are lockers, showers and saunas available.

The J-Fit Health Club’s Aquatics Center offers 45-minute lane reservations beginning on the half hour.  Use of the pool is included for all J-Family Members. J-Journey and J-Pass holders may purchase $10 Day Passes for access to lap swim and free swim in the pool.

Reservations for all aquatics programs are required in advance through the My J app which can be downloaded to your mobile phone as well as accessed online.

If you must cancel, please update your reservation in the app, call the front desk at 703.323.0880 or email so a member on the waiting list is able to swim.


Family Swimming Sessions:
Due to the increasing popularity and usage of the pool, here is a quick reminder of our lane reservation policies and procedures.

There are not designated family swim hours, therefore, it is important that each family reserve two spaces for any 45-minute session in order to reserve a lane for the family (more than one swimmer). To reserve a dedicated lane, reservations must be made for two swimmers (ages 13+) because there are two spaces available per lane.

To reserve a dedicated lane, reservations must be made for two swimmers (ages 13+). A parent can chaperone their entire family without the need for the second adult, but the reservation policy requires two swimmers ages 13+ to reserve the lane.

If you are making these reservations through the "My J" app, you will need two logins with two separate emails.

Questions? Please email or contact Guest Services at 703.323.0880 and we will assist you with reserving your space.

Make a Swim Reservation

Important Note:
If a family signs up with only one reservation and brings a child or family to swim, your party may be asked to leave unless there are openings in the reservation system.

If you have any issues making the reservations, please email or call the Aquatics Director at 703.537.3055. On weekends, please contact Guest Services Desk at 703.323.0880.

J-Pass Member Families:
For J-Pass members who want to pay for a $10 day pass to use the pool, you must create and have two accounts – a My J account and a j.force account. Please purchase a Day Pass.

NOTE: If you register for a class or session and are unable to attend, please update your reservation in the My J app or call 703.323.0880 to inform the J that you will not be attending.

Aquatics Center Availability for Lane Reservations







Closed to Public*


Please note that from 3:30pm-6:30pm Monday-Thursday and 3:30pm-5:30pm on Fridays, the first two lanes of the pool are reserved for swim lessons, group classes, and those who need access to the stairs and/or ramp. If you are a lap swimmer, you may be asked to move to lanes 3-6 during that time.

*Saturday pool availability varies by season. Please check the My J  app for the most up to date availability.

View the pool schedule (January-May 2024).

Who can swim?

All members are welcome to sign up for lane reservations which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations are mandatory and can be made up to 7 days in advance. Please use the My J App or call Guest Services at 703.323.0880 to make a reservation.

Children 12 years old and younger must be accompanied by an adult in the water at all times. Reservations under two separate names are recommended to guarantee one entire lane for family unit use. Otherwise, your family unit risks not being accommodated.

Please note that during Open Swim, there may also be other programs running concurrently such as Water Aerobics, Private or Group Swim Classes, Aqua Personal Training or other programs. ​The My J App reservation system is adjusted accordingly to show true capacity.

View the pool schedule (January-May 2024).

Rules & Safety Measures

  1. Up to two people may swim per lane when swimming by means of a lane reservation. Some programs will exceed this capacity, such as rental groups and swim teams.
  2. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult in the water.
  3. Families and children under the age of 12 should reserve lanes on the My J app to guarantee a dedicated lane. Call the front desk for assistance at 703.323.0880 if there is only one person 13+ years old in your household.
  4. There is a 15-minute grace period for all swim reservations. Lane reservations will be held for the first 15 minutes; however, if not in use by that time, the reservation may be given away to a waiting member. Please cancel your reservation in the app or call the front desk if you will not be attending.
  5. No running on the pool deck or climbing on the permanent access ramp.
  6. Pull buoys, fins, kickboards and noodles are available for use and must be put away.
  7. No glass or food on deck.
  8. Follow all other safety guidelines as posted on the pool deck.
  9. Lifeguards will give a verbal warning if pool rules are not being followed. After a verbal warning, the lifeguard will either radio the manager on duty or security if further action is needed.

Make a Swim Lane Reservation

View the Pool Schedule

Swim Classes, Teams & Lessons

Swimming is not only a life saving measure but a life-long skill. Swim lessons through the Pozez JCC’s J-Fit Health Club are available year ’round for all ages from infants to adults. Our small group classes allow for individualized attention from a certified swimming instructor while a certified lifeguard keeps an eye on all activity in the pool.


Infant & Toddler Swimming

Taking the plunge with infant and toddler swim lessons doesn't have to be scary for your little one! Students will become familiar with the water by learning swimming readiness skills.
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Take the Plunge

Adult Swim Lessons

Looking to take the plunge into adult swim lessons? Consider diving into the offerings at the J, where you’ll find quality coaches and supportive instruction to help you make a splash.

Just Keep Swimming

Youth Group Lessons

Swimmers get the chance to explore the water in a small group setting. Instructors use flotation aids, toys, diving rings, hula hoops, and more to engage and challenge swimmers.

Build Confidence

Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Whether you are working on stroke refinement or learning how to swim for the first time as an adult, come work 1:1 with a seasoned instructor for a more personalized experience -- or come work in a small group setting with two swimmers and one instructor.


Developmental Swim Team

These classes have a range of skill levels to benefit swimmers as they continue to gain confidence in swimming further distances in freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers learn dolphin kick, breaststroke pull and kick and start learning how to flip turn.


US Masters Swimming

Masters Swim is a comprehensive program for advanced adult swimmers, swimming in an organized group. Structured workouts include interval training to improve cardiovascular endurance and strengthen swimming skills.
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