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Shabbat Connections

Celebrate Shabbat. Connect to Israel.
Build Community.

Shabbat Connections is a unique program the Pozez JCC is launching because we believe that connecting in an intimate environment is the best way to build community. We encourage families and individuals in Northern Virginia to do the most Jewish thing, ever – invite people to gather for dinner and conversation! We believe these gatherings may be a great way to begin to help repair the world by creating safe spaces to have challenging conversations about Israel, antisemitism, and more.

For this program, we are offering individuals and families living in Northern Virginia the chance to host people for a meal and talk about one of the related topics we suggest (or, choose one of your own!). For each topic, we will provide a curated resource kit so you will have the support needed to navigate your way through those conversations. For hosting this event, Pozez JCC will provide a $100 gift card to help set up the meal. For any of your questions or requests, our JCC team will be there to help.

You Decide:

  • When: Any Shabbat that is convenient.
  • What meal: Friday Dinner, Saturday Lunch, Havdalah/Saturday Dinner
  • Whom to invite: 5-15 of your friends, colleagues, and/or neighbors
  • What to discuss: Choose a topic from those provided on the application

You get:

  • A $100 gift card! (After you submit at least 3 pictures and a brief description of the gathering)
  • A resource kit based on the topic of your choosing

Help us build community on your terms!

For questions, email our Shaliach (Israel Emissary) Dean Bagdadi.

Apply to Host