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Supporting Families Who Are Battling Pediatric Cancer

Partnering with Sunrise Association, Horizon Day Camp – Metro DC is the only camp of its kind in the area serving families who are battling pediatric cancer. Recognizing the extraordinary financial demands that a child’s chronic illness can have on a family, Horizon Day Camps and Year-Round Programs are always provided free of charge to the families and exist ONLY through the generosity of others.

Bring Hope & Healing

Join us in making a difference in the lives of children battling cancer by supporting Horizon Day Camp-Metro DC. Together, we bring the simple joys of childhood back to these brave young souls, transforming months of loneliness and isolation into summers filled with sunshine, laughter, and happiness.

Horizon Day Camp

Summer of Sunshine

Your donation enables us to provide a haven where children can experience the joys of camp while receiving the necessary medical care during the day and returning to the comfort and safety of their own homes at night.

Horizon Day Camp

Your Support Changes Lives

Your support helps us continue our vital work, ensuring that every child facing cancer has the opportunity to experience the magic of childhood despite their illness. Join us in bringing smiles, laughter, and hope to these courageous young hearts.

Create Hope. Support Horizon.

We work towards a world where cancer will not be the defining factor in a child’s life; where children and families navigating the difficult world of pediatric  cancer can find hope, love and an extra ray of sunshine; where cultural diversity is embraced and every child is celebrated for who they are and for the unique gifts they bring into the world.

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