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Artistry Comes to Life at the Pozez JCC

Through the decades, the J’s Bodzin Art Gallery exhibitions have attracted talented artists working in a wide variety of media including painting, photography, jewelry, ceramics, glass, fiber, crafts, and mixed media. The gallery supports and encourages the development of local Jewish artists, artists with disabilities, artists working in themes reflecting Jewish values, and Israeli art. The Bodzin Art Gallery presents 7-10 annual exhibitions. The J’s dedication to exhibiting fine art for almost 30 years has garnered a reputation that is well-respected amongst artists, art enthusiasts, buyers, and sellers.

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The J’s cultural programs demonstrate, illuminate, and celebrate the breadth and depth of Judaism's culture, identity, creativity, diversity, and resiliency through the arts. The J is home to the Bodzin Art Gallery, exhibiting group and solo exhibitions. The J also powers the ReelAbilities Film Festival: Northern Virginia, screened in venues throughout the region. Other programming includes theater, music, and literary arts, showcasing renowned local, regional, and national artists.

Bodzin Art Gallery

Exhibit: "UNBOUNDED" by Sandra Dovberg

May 7 - July 5, 2024

Sandra’s love of nature and especially water inspires her to paint realistic images of the natural world, but her imagination refuses to be bounded by the traditional view of reality. She also feels inspired to create abstractions that express the complexity of the unconscious mind.

As a result, a review of Sandra’s body of work reveals examples of pure representation and of abstraction but on careful examination many of her paintings express themselves through a continuum between the two.

No two people see the world in exactly the same way. What we see is the interaction between light reflected from external objects and the subjective inner experience these images evoke.

Representational and abstract art can be viewed as two extremes of perception: THE OUTER & THE INNER. Sandra enjoys moving between these opposite extremes, finding that these two become unified into a whole that reflects her own subjective experience of reality - UNBOUNDED AND FREE!
Bodzin Art Gallery
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Writing is Good for the Soul

Creativity is encouraged and fostered at the J. The Memoir Writing Group meets monthly to draft and share their stories. For those who want to share with the community, the writings are posted here.

Stories and opinions of individuals are not necessarily shared by the Pozez Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia.

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