supermART #9 Halle 15 – auf AEG Nürnberg – 31. Mai bis 2. Juni 2019

Holiday Arts & Talents Fundraiser

7th Annual Holiday Fundraiser

Showcasing the Arts & Gifts of Individuals with Disabilities and/or Mental Illness

Support local talented artists, gift makers, and the Pozez JCC’s Inclusion & Disability Services Department! Local vendors will be selling handmade arts, jewelry, photography, baked goods and so much more. Partial proceeds will support our department and inclusion at the J.

Shop in-person Sunday-Wednesday, December 3-6

Weekdays: 8:30am-5:30pm
In addition, you are able to conveniently shop online for the entire month of December from select vendors. Mention the Pozez JCC Fundraiser when you purchase from any of our vendors who are also selling online, and they will donate partial proceeds back to the J to help support inclusion and disability services.


Avery OerthArtist: Avery Oerth

Avery makes buttons (pins) and magnets. All of them have positive words or sayings. Bulk and custom work is available.


Shop in person at the Pozez JCC and online.




Artist: Emily Kim
Medium: Illustrator

Emily’s journey as an artist started when she was only 3.  She was diagnosed with leukemia at age 3 and even after several years of treatments, her cancer returned when she was 7.  She underwent a successful life-saving cord blood stem cell transplant but suffered complications resulting in permanent and progressive neurological damage.  While in and out of hospitals, she spent time drawing and doing jigsaw puzzles (still one of her favorite pastimes) because it made her happy.  Despite many setbacks and obstacles over the years, her love for drawing and creating cheerful prints has continued to grow.  The themes of her art are positivity, hope, whimsy, and imagination. Emily likes to create drawings with bright colors that bring joyful and happy thoughts.

Online sales only.


Artist: Ian Gwinn, Gwinn Studios
Medium: Photography

Ian is a resident of Northern Virginia and a fine art and commercial photographer specializing in still life, landscapes, and portraits.  He tries to create memorable images that tell a narrative about the human experience and our relationship to the environment and each other. He loves animals… so you will see that he takes lots of animal photos, including images of his favorite subject, Milo, his aging beagle, as well as wildlife and other animals he has around the farm including frogs, chickens, ducks, geese, and a chameleon.  Ian loves still life and landscapes, too. He graduated in May 2016 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Greeting and Holiday Cards:

*Please use code “JCCHF” when you check out for free shipping and to indicate participation in the JCC Holiday Fundraiser.

Photography prints:
In addition to Etsy, you can find Ian’s work at and on Getty Images. If you see something on one of these sites that is not available on Etsy, please let Ian know and he can produce an original print or card for you and bill you separately, through Square.  You may contact him at


Vendor: Jayne Oh My Stars
Medium: Pop-Up Judaica

Jayne provides Hanukkah Pop-Up shops… selling Hanukkah and other gift items

Shop in person at the Pozez JCC.






Artist: Jessica Tischler

Medium: Children’s Books & Baked Goods

Jessica has Tourette’s Syndrome and OCD.  Jessica wrote two children’s books in the hopes that she can educate children on learning important life lessons at a young age so that they can grow up as healthy, open-minded individuals…with great senses of humor!


Jessica also has her own business called Mother Clusters, making delectable homemade chocolate clusters.  You may check out her website at and contact her at to place an order.  She is also on Instagram @motherclusters and Facebook.

Shop in person at the Pozez JCC and online.

Artist: Larry Fass
Medium: Engraved Wood

Engraved wood artwork is a hobby Larry really enjoys. Larry was born deaf. He lip reads and speaks. He has been involved in various organizations by assisting in fundraising, including the Washington Society of the Jewish Deaf.

Shop in person at the Pozez JCC.





Artist: Marcia Gordon
Medium: Jewelry

Marci has been designing and creating one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry for years. Perfect for gifts or to treat yourself!







Artist: Melissa Hochberg
Medium: Baked Goods

Melissa has ADHD and loves to bake!

Shop in person at the Pozez JCC.





Artist: Michael Sardoni
Medium: Illustrator

“Michael loves drawing animals and characters and he hopes that his art will make people uplifted when they see it.  You can check out his artwork on Instagram @hellolove_cards

Shop in person at the Pozez JCC and online.




Artist: Milesartshop by Miles Sandford
Medium: Art/Prints

Miles is an autistic artist. She likes to make all different types of art and use all different types of mediums. Currently she uses acrylics on canvas and produces prints and stickers from the digital art she makes with procreate. In this art show she will be selling canvas and prints and some stickers of their digital artwork. A few things about Miles are: in their free time when she doesn’t make art she watches anime, their favorite anime is Sailor Moon and Naruto, another thing is she really like dogs and dog training is their special learning interest. She also works at JSSA as a mental health youth group advocate.

Shop in person at the fundraiser.


Artist: Sophiola by Sophia Pineda
Medium: Watercolors

Sophiola sells prints and notecards bearing art created by Sophia Pineda, a young artist who happens to have Down syndrome. As a baby, Sophia faced life-threatening medical conditions, then later, many learning challenges. Today she is a vibrant and healthy high schooler who loves to paint, sketch, and help run her business.


Shop in person and online.



Artist: Toni Popkin
Medium: Decoupage Vases & PawsativityRocks

Toni had had multiple TBIs and long covid. Toni makes #PawsitivityRocks and BUD Vases.

#PawsitivityRocks are Toni Popkin’s creative, unique, one of a kind Kindness Rocks to help spread joy and positive messages to people. They are acrylic sealed but, are best kept inside for one’s personal enjoyment or gift giving. They are named for and signed by Toni’s Task Trained Service Dog, Bud.

These BUD Vases are one of a kind handcrafted vases named for her service dog, Bud.  They are decoupage glass vases made with handmade Thai paper. They can be used for fresh flowers or as decor.

Sadly, Bud recently passed away. Toni will be putting money from the sale into a fund for a new service dog.

Shop in person at the Pozez JCC.


Artist: Zina Segal
Medium: Jewelry

Zina loves Jewish holidays and making them personal and joyful! She is creating earrings and necklaces for you to mix and match to bring sparkles, colors, and miracles of Hanukkah to your ears and necks!

Shop in person at the Pozez JCC.