Let’s Give it a Shake: Sukkot is Here!

Let’s Get Ready to Shake: Sukkot Is Here!

As we bid farewell to the summer sun and usher in the cozy vibes of fall, it’s time to get festive and prepare for a delightful celebration – Sukkot! This “Festival of Booths/Tabernacles” began at sundown on Friday, September 29th (Tishrei 15) and will wrap up at sundown on Friday, October 6th (Tishrei 21).

Why Sukkot, You Ask?

Sukkot is one of Judaism’s star-studded events, one of the 3 pilgrimage holidays, with Passover and Shavuot. This holiday is a celebration of the harvest season and honors the journey of the Israelites through the desert. And guess what? There’s a whole lot of fun and fascinating facts about Sukkot to dive into!

  1. Building a Sukkah: The Ultimate DIY Project

Picture this: you’re out in your backyard, armed with wooden or metal frames, and you’re about to embark on a construction adventure. What are you building? A sukkah, of course! These are temporary huts that remind of the dwellings used by the Israelites during their desert sojourn. Sukkahs have three walls and a roof made from natural materials, designed in a way that lets you gaze at the twinkling stars at night. (Stick around, we’ll fill you in on some Sukkah building options!)

  1. Shake It Like You Mean It: The Four Species

Don’t be surprised if you see folks waving around branches and fruit during Sukkot – that’s just them getting into the spirit of things! The lulav (branches) and etrog (citron fruit) are mentioned in the Torah, and we shake them for Sukkot. So, every day during Sukkot (except Shabbat), people tie these branches and fruit together and wave them in a special ceremony. Some creative souls even make their own local Four Species! What do you think a Northern Virginia four species would look like? I vote for a pawpaw.

  1. Sukkah Living: An Adventure in Itself

It’s a tradition to eat in the sukkah, and it’s all kinds of fun. If you’re nearby, feel free to pop by the J’s Sukkah in the West Lot during Sukkot – it’s already up and waiting for you!

  1. Ushpizin: The Uninvited Guests We Love

Ever heard of symbolic guests? Well, on Sukkot, we have them! They’re called Ushpizin, and they’re the A-list celebrities of the Jewish tradition. Traditionally, you’d be rolling out the welcome mat for Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, and David, but you’re free to follow your own tradition or even make up your own guest list – it’s your Sukkah, after all!

In a Nutshell

Sukkot is a time of reflection, gratitude, and connecting with Jewish heritage. It’s about celebrating the bountiful harvest season and embracing the traditions that have been passed down through generations. So, whether you’re constructing your own sukkah, shaking those Four Species like a pro, or simply enjoying a meal in the sukkah with friends and family, remember to relish every moment of this joyous festival.

Wishing you all a Chag Sukkot Sameach – a truly Happy Sukkot! 🌿🌟

Want your own Sukkah?


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Purchase (the J makes no quality claims on any of these):

  1. The Sukkah Project:Β https://www.sukkot.com
  2. The Sukkah Spot:Β https://thesukkahspot.com
  3. Sukkah Depot:Β https://www.sukkahdepot.com
  4. Mitzvahland: https://www.mitzvahland.com/pages/sukkahstore
  5. Sieger Sukkah:Β https://www.siegersukkah.com

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