Humans of Israel: Photographs by Erez Kaganovitz

The Humans of Israel project combines photojournalism with digital storytelling to give a sense of what makes Israel and the diverse humans in it tick. Here you will find ultra-religious Orthodox Jews, Muslims, and Christians alongside asylum seekers and the one percent on Rothschild Boulevard. You will see Ashkenazi and Mizrahi, American, Russian, and French Jews, and basically all the ingredients that make Israeli society one of the most diverse in the world. After seeing this exhibition, you will better understand what the Israeli story is all about.

With intriguing, thought-provoking photographs and the stories about the humans behind them, the project puts a human face on an extraordinary place and challenges preconceptions those outside of Israel may have by communicating a sense of our shared humanity. The Humans of Israel project offers a fresh look at the rich and remarkably diverse lives of Israelis and showcases Israel’s diversity, multiculturalism, and vibrant civil society.

This exhibition captures fascinating people in Israel to tell the Israeli story as a whole. Each photo and story provide a glimpse into the hearts and minds of a variety of Israelis.

Photographer, native Tel Avivi, Erez Kaganovitz is the human behind the Humans of Israel, Humans of Tel Aviv, and Humans of the Holocaust projects. Through his work, Erez has helped bridge a cultural gap in society both within and outside of Israel. His compelling work brings understanding, emotional connection, and unity to many around the world. His TEDx talk, “The Humans behind the pictures on social media” is an eye-opening discussion on the power of digital storytelling, offering a different approach to how we should tell the stories that we know. Take in the visual journey illustrating the impact of technological storytelling on the world online at 

The Humans of Israel exhibition at the Pozez JCC is presented in partnership with the Edlavitch DC JCC, in celebration of Israel’s 75th Birthday in 2023!

Humans of Israel: Photography by Erez Kaganovitz
On view through October 19, 2023

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